20 of The Best Tips for Pinterest

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I’m here today to give you the quick and dirty on Pinterest. Here are 20 tips for your profile, boards, images, and marketing that you can apply to your Pinterest account right now. Seriously. You can check these tips against your profile and make sure your Pinterest is helping you help others. Which is a big deal for Pinterest.

In case you want to know why you should be using Pinterest for Biz, you should check out Mint Swift’s post 5 Benefits of Having a Pinterest Business Account. What I can tell you is that Pinterest is basically FREE ADVERTISING. And it’s a better traffic driver than all the other social media platforms!

*Begins to daydream about getting sidetracked in Pinterest*

Back on track! Let’s check the list of 20 Pinterest Tips For Small Business and see how your account stacks up!

20 Quick Tips for Using Pinterest for your business. How to Market on Pinterest for business.

20 of The BEST Tips for Pinterest For Business

  1. Your profile picture should be of YOU. A logo works all right too, but pinners want to see the face of other pinners. It’s true.
  2. Keywords are the key to getting found on Pinterest. Keyword up your profile bio, your boards, and each and every one of your pins. You heard me, keyword up.
  3. You did convert your account to a business account, right? The best part about a business account on Pinterest is the ability to check out your analytics. You get to see how many impressions your account is making on Pinterest monthly, daily. And you can see how well each of your pins are performing, too.
  4. Rich pins make it easier to see what your pin will lead to. So apply for rich pins. I love rich pins for recipes. LOVE IT.
  5. Make sure you have at least 3 group boards that are relevant to your niche. Group boards are boards that are shared on Pinterest. You must follow a group board to be a part of it and the owner of the board must send you an invitation that you accept on Pinterest. You can find boards by searching for boards on Pinterest and you’ll know it’s a group board when you notice the profile icon has several faces on it. Hit follow and check out the first person listed next to the description to see if you can find contact info for them. You may want to try their site and send them an email requesting to join their board along with the board name and your email address on Pinterest. You can also follow the owner of the board on Pinterest and send them a message from Pinterest. This is a less reliable method because sometimes notifications can get buried.
  6. Do you have totally irrelevant boards on your account? If you can’t hit the trashcan icon and part with them, you can click the edit pencil icon and set these boards to secret. Secret boards are hidden from everyone on Pinterest except you (and anyone else YOU want to invite to your secret board).
  7. Hashtags on Pinterest. What you should know: they seem to be working! If you save anything from my Pinterest series, you’ll notice the hashtag #Pinterest4Biz. Be a good friend and keep up the trend, won’t you?
  8. Clean up boards&pins that aren’t performing. What do I mean exactly? I mean you should review your analytics to determine if your pins from 9 months ago aren’t getting any attention with closeups, clicks, or saves, then consider deleting them or adding more relevant keywords or even moving the board which your image is pinned to.
  9. You have to follow other people! Sharing Pinterest makes it better. You can follow top businesses or blogs in your niche, your friends, or anyone who has content you like. Just because you like them!
  10. Use a consistent look for your own graphics. This means staying true to your brand by using your brand colors and fonts. You can also change up the look of your Pinterest images every season or once a year. This will get seemingly fresh content circulating on Pinterest. Alyssa.Ink really hits the nail on the head when she breaks down how to make a consistent look for your Pins. Check out her post.
  11. Verify your site. That’s part of setting up a business account! Pinterest has step by step instructions where to find the code for adding to your website or using an HTML file that only you as the owner of your site can add. Check out that help straight from Pinterest.
  12. Make sure your website has pinnable images and the option to share on Pinterest! That’s a big one! So that way someone who found you through Facebook but wants to read your content later or share it with their fellow pinners can hit Pin It and you get your pins in the right hands! The Blog Maven has an article with 6  Great Pinterest Plugins specifically for WordPress. Now, don’t go crazy. You don’t need all of them. One or two max!
  13. That brings me to my next point. Make sure you ASK your readers to share your content on Pinterest. Specifically say “Pin this for later!”, or “Share this on Pinterest!”

  14. When using email marketing, share pinnable images that your readers can pin for later right from their email!
  15.  Pin 80% your own content and 20% others. You’re marketing yourself, but you still want to include other relevant and popular content on your Pinterest page. Why do you want to do this? Because if you’re pinning popular content, someone is bound to stumble across the one you pinned and then be interested in the rest of your relevant board, which should have a majority of your pins compared to other people’s pins. Ta-da! Your pins are found easier!
    20 Quick Tips for Using Pinterest for your business. How to Market on Pinterest for business.
  16. Pin consistently. Every day. Twice a day. Get a scheduler. BoardBooster is a favorite of a lot of major bloggers, they’re free longer than TailWind. I like Tailwind. It’s so customizable. It takes a second to get into it, but once you start scheduling, it falls into place and makes Pinterest marketing a breeze!
  17. Promote a pin. You can promote a pin if you have a purpose, like to sell something or grow your email list with a freebie. Pinterest gives you a good understanding of what you want from your promoted pin such as Brand Awareness, Engagement, Traffic, Promoting an app, and promoting videos.
  18. Create your own board covers. Get creative and consistent. Show others you are serious about Pinterest by showing off your board covers.
  19. Any affiliate marketing you’re doing on your website can also be used on Pinterest! Make sure you’re using a vertical image as they look better on Pinterest and because a majority of Pinners are using Pinterest on a mobile device.
  20. Consider getting outside help. Pinterest services are available to help you clean up, set up a marketing strategy, and set your Pinterest on autopilot. You can contact me if you feel like your business needs that kind of help.

I’m working on a bonus to get you the tips on what NOT to do on Pinterest. Is that something you’d want to know, too? Let me know in the comments below. I’m pretty good at replying.

Until our next Pinterest adventure, happy pinning!


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