8 Ways To Use Canva

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Canva Is Great For Small Business Marketing Needs

Canva is great for Pinterest. It’s great for social media graphics. Canva is great for bloggers. Canva is great for non-designers and designers alike. Canva is great.

I’m sure it’s not the first time you’ve heard someone singing praise of Canva, the picture-editing, graphics-creating, practically-done-for-you design software. Canva is great because it’s easy to use and because its uses are vast. So maybe you’re not sure you need to use Canva when creating social media graphics or something for your website’s blog that you want to attract new visitors with. Let me remind you that users of the internet today are highly visual creatures. We like to read about something we SAW on the internet in more detail if it initially captures us among all the other posts online.

I’m going to let you in on some secrets from a designer on how to use Canva in your small business’s marketing initiative. Don’t worry if your first graphic isn’t great, just keep practicing until your graphics become cohesive and really represent your brand. Then you’ll want to share them with the world and feel a sense of pride in your design work. Need to more about branding? Canva’s Design School has got you covered! Check out how to build your brand 5 ways using Canva in 5 days:


8 Ways You Should Be Using Canva For Your Business (or Blog):

  1. Canva for Pinterest (DUH)

    Canva is a favorite of many bloggers who love Pinterest, too. It’s because they make it so easy to find a free layout, add your own or your favorite stock images, and adjust the text to match your content. Then do it all over again in a way that showcases your brand.

  2. Canva for FB Ads

    Use Canva for creating your next Facebook ad. This awesome post about using Facebook ads straight from The Elite Blog Academy will help you evaluate your purpose boosting ads. This is the best post I’ve ever seen on using Facebook ads and you really shouldn’t start a new campaign until you give it a read. Again, Canva just makes it so easy to create a graphic that’s captivating.

  3. Canva for IG #MotivationalQuotes

    Get some motivation for your quotes on Instagram (and anywhere else your business favors to share inspirational and motivational quotes) by using the search feature under Canva’s Find Templates. Then you can choose to edit the template to fit your brand.

  4. Canva for Gift Certificates

    Using a promotional gift certificate for your business is a great way to market around the holidays! People love to share things they love with those they love. Sometimes telling someone all about the awesome products you’ve tried and how they should try them too isn’t enough. So you decide to get them a gift card and then they have to find something they enjoy from that business, right? Simple enough. Create your own digital gift certificates that look incredibly gorgeous and literally are entirely up to you.

  5. Canva for Business Cards

    Use your logo on a business card template and you can even print it. Yeah, you can print business cards with Canva. Click up top and say to order prints instead of sharing or downloading! But you can, of course, share and download, too.

  6. Canva for Your Favicon

    This thing is tiny, so you can use the custom size feature within Canva, which happens to be free to use! So take your logo or something from your logo to use as your favicon. Then you can upload it in your theme if you’re using WordPress.

  7. Canva for eBooks

    Passive income is a real thing. And books have always been a great way to make a passive income. You write it once, publish it, market it, and then you’ll find yourself making money off your book while you’re off doing something else. Now you can showcase your expertise (or creative mind if you want to be a fictional author) by easily creating a digital book that can be purchased on your website and delivered immediately to your customer! Use Canva to create your book cover and all the content! What’s stopping you from writing now?

  8. Canva for Resumes

    Resumes have been getting a hell of a lot more fun since the internet made everyone hungry for more visually-appealing media in all corners of life. Resumes are often delivered electronically in this day and age, but you can create a gorgeous resume that is still professional and then print it out. There are a ton of layouts for resumes on Canva that will help you create a resume that stands out. Since Canva stores your creations, you can always come back to your design and update as your professional resume grows.

Canva for logos has been a hot topic debate in some of the Facebook groups I’m in lately. Canva definitely has options to help a beginner create a logo, but I think this logo is more of a temporary fix for a humongous part of your business’s brand. While it is possible, there are more professional (and even inexpensive) options to have a logo crafted for you. What do you think? Where did you get your logo?

I hope you try out Canva for your marketing. It won’t cost you a dime to create and store graphics on their website or with their apps for iOS and Android. Canva does have an option for a premium account (along with a 30 day free trial) that has tons of perks. You get access to layouts and images reserved only for their subscribers. You can upload your own fonts, which is totally awesome. You can create and share with others on your team and better organize your designs with folders. Your brand colors, fonts and logo are all saved for easy access. Plus you get access to their magic resize tool to take your tall Pinterest graphic and magically resize it to fit your Instagram post and vice versa.

Let me know what your favorite way to use Canva is down in the comments. Maybe you found a better graphics software that you want to share, go on, share it!

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