Hi there! I am the web developer behind Tarin LaRoux Designs. I’m also a mom of two boys, a proofreader, and a Mathcore enthusiast. My name is Tarin LaRoux Smith.  My boyfriend and I are happily un-married. Currently, we reside in the Texas Hill Country, just outside of my hometown San Antonio, Texas. I’m pretty much a homebody who ends up spending way too much time on Pinterest.

     Believe it or not, I found my love for designing Websites when I was a teen editing the CSS and HTML on MySpace.com. Since then, I have explored and deeply researched the vast possibilities for creating online content through the amazing powers of the Internet itself. Like many in this day and age, I’ve purchased every type of mobile internet device out there; smartphones, tablets run on android, tablets run on iOS, and of course laptops, which are the original mobile devices. So I know how vital it is for online content to be able to be viewed on any new technology.  I love Web designing because it is an outlet for my creative side as well as my nerdy side. Didn’t you see the thick glasses?