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I Know About Google, But What Is Google My Business?

Have you ever taken to the internet to look up your local grocery store’s phone number? Chances are you were using the most popular search engine around: Google. Google performed a search of the vast, almost endless Internet for you. It quickly pulled up the business’s location, phone number, website, and even their hours of operation for you on one easy-to-read page. So if you just wanted to know how late the store was open, you wouldn’t even need to give them a call because Google already helped you out with that information; if you needed directions, you not only had the address and a small map in front of you, but you could request Google Maps to tell you how to drive or even walk there from the location of your choice. Just what you would expect in this age of technology!

Google My Business Sample

Google Maps Example

The ease of searching for a business on Google is thanks to their service called Google My Business. This used to be part of their feature called Google Places which shows up on Google Maps, but has been updated and upgraded to cater specifically to local businesses. This is a fantastic feature of this search engine, not only because it is free for any business to use, but also because it literally puts your business on the map, giving you an ever-important online presence whether or not your business has a website.

Yep, A Google For Business Listing Is FREE!

Another reason you should get your business included on Google is so when potential clients are Googling for a business like yours, but may not know you exist yet, the search results will include your location on the map! Google pulls up businesses listed on their My Business platform in a format that shows places near the searcher. This is extremely helpful to tourists and locals alike. The ease of finding out about a location without having to first find it on the street is something I’ve personally taken advantage of numerous times. I often search for new restaurants to try this way. It allows me to see how close it is and also get directions. I can check out reviews to see if other people enjoy this place. I can also see if they’re open when I plan on visiting (in my small town, some places close down in the middle of the week for seemingly no reason!).

Other fabulous aspects of Google My Business:

  • Reviews which show customer satisfaction and allows you, as the business, to respond directly. This also gives you a Google rating on a five-star scale.
  • Pictures of your business help potential customers see what your business is about before going in person or going to your Website. It can also assist in finding your business for the first time since your customer will know what the storefront looks like.
  • 24/7 Internet Presence means that night or day, weekends, or holidays, new and old customers can easily find your organization. Presuming you have an awesome Website, customers can find the answer to any question, or at least have a way to contact you outside of normal business hours.


For more information on setting up or updating your business’s Google presence please visit the source https://www.google.com/business/.

I also offer my services to assist those who may not be into being tech-savvy or have the time to maintain an online presence. Should you have any questions or comments, please let me know in the comments below!

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