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In this past year, 2017, I have had a lot of changes going on. For one, I reached my goal of working with my first paying client (the rest of my work had been done for free to build my portfolio). Another thing is that I moved to a new rental house at the end of the street in our tiny one-horse town, and there I have been working with my hubby to build a commercial greenhouse. Commercial as in he’s discovered his life purpose is to grow food for others. He’s passionate and innovative. I’m one lucky woman.

All of this is changing our finances and we’re finally able to budget to afford our own house next year!

But, the biggest change in my life this year has been a monumental change: my mom passed away. On top of that, I was with her when she died. After that happened on the last day of June, I faced guilt for months. I could only think sad thoughts about the last time I saw her. Crying every night. I kept thinking there was something I should have been able to do. I blamed myself, anyone, everyone, and everything else under the Sun. It’s taken months for me to finally accept that she was sick, and the sickness won. Cancer is the only right thing to blame.

Ever since I lost my mom, I have been trying to be more positive, like my mom always was. Seriously, she saw the good in everyone and was always a bubble of joy. And that’s hard for me because, I guess, like many women I have a knack for bitching. Sometimes I think it just sounds like bitching to others, but it’s really said with love and a lack of shut-the-fuck-up. Anyway, I have been trying to look at my mother’s passing as a motivation to change my life even further. I have bad habits, I’m sure we all do. I’m not trying to change my habits for a “new year, new me” kind of deal. I’m looking for a life-long change. My major goal is that I’m aiming to be in better health than my mommy was at only 50. 50 is forever scarier to me than 30 ever will be.

2018 Blog Planner -

So why am I sharing this with you? A big reason is that this post feels necessary to move forward with my life and business. My mom and my goals are very big components that fit into the puzzle pieces of my life. And those pieces are shifting, as life usually does.
I also want everyone out there to know that although death is a painful topic, and it seems like a huge weight to bear, you will keep going. It’s every living thing’s fate.  And, if you’re facing a loss right now, I want you to know that keep going doesn’t mean just waking up every day, still being alive. Going means living, being healthy, not giving into the poison of consumerism, enjoying your life, and checking off goals! I’m not trying to tell you how to grieve, by the way, you do your own thing. One day you’re going to have to accept how your life is going to move forward.

So I’ve devised some goals that I want to share with you and how that is going to impact my business around here. Even though yesterday I signed up for Melyssa Griffin’s Goal Challenge that begins on December 13th, I decided to commit to these goals I derived already.


Inspiring Goals for 2018 and beyond from a VA, WAHM, Web Designer, Pinterest Pro! More than just goals, I break down why I want to have a change in my entire life.

Blog Goals for 2018

Pinterest for Biz Bundle

Pinterest Pro Website Design

Work with more creatives

Affiliate Marketing $10,000

2018 Life Planner -

Short List of how I plan to reach those goals:

Finish eBook series by January 30th to promote Pinterest For Biz Bundle
Network with other bloggers who have Pinterest For Biz offerings
Find out how to apply for that really big blogger’s bundle

Cold market websites that could benefit from Pinterest marketing
Cold market businesses that need websites&Pinterest-ready designs
Pinterest management for case studies (3-month, 6-month, and 1-year)

Use existing contacts for networking with more creatives

Affiliate network via Pinterest with Creative Market, AThemes, 1&1 Hosting, and ShopStyle(Etsy?)
Affiliate network Pinterest4Biz Bloggers
Daily posting Pinterest, 1 affiliate blog post weekly


My affiliate goal is a little scary to try to accomplish in a year, but I think writing it down and making a marketing strategy for 12 entire months will make it easier to reach. Working smarter, not harder is what the pros do! I see other beginner bloggers achieving their financial dreams.

What are your goals for 2018?
Have you started your website yet?
One of these days I will make a handy tutorial that I can share with you (and my local community!) to create your own website in a day.







3 thoughts on “An Inspiring Goal Post

  1. Tarin,
    Your mother would be proud of you. I am proud of you.
    This is why.
    I needed this. THIS … exactly what you wrote.
    I too, have experienced a lot of loss this year.
    First with your beautiful mother, and then with my beautiful Cousin only a month later. 2018 is going to be a proactive year for me too. I am excited to move forward with you! Cheers to growth!

    Can you email me some info on how you could help me grow my business through the Internet?

      1. Hi Maria,
        I’m sorry to hear about your loss.
        It’s tough realizing there’s nothing you can do now but keep moving forward.
        Here’s to a wonderful new year and many years to come <3

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