Benefits of Pinterest for Small Product- Based Businesses

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Pinterest+your small product-based business = good things!

Pinterest isn’t just a place where my grandma goes to check out DIY projects, or where the king of collecting recipes and sorting them by ingredients lives, or even just for finding blogging tips from top bloggers also using Pinterest (but I’ll admit that’s where I find myself a lot). Pinterest is a smart and magical search engine that runs on minimal text and mainly images. Since you have a product to sell, or at the very least spread the word about, you can definitely use Pinterest business to gain a lot of attention versus other social media platforms. Come to think of it, I read the other day that out of all outside referral traffic online, Pinterest is a huge 5%. And while that doesn’t sound huge, places like Twitter and Facebook have a far lower referral rate.

Why does Pinterest work for getting people to your site and buying your product? Well, for one thing, the algorithm Pinterest uses is much different than other networks. Facebook, for example, tries to show the most recent posts with the most interaction. Pinterest, on the other hand, likes to show you posts that they think you’ll like based on your own interaction on the platform no matter how long the posts have been up. So you can put up a few posts and still have them circulating six months down the line. You don’t get that kind of circulation from other platforms you share your posts on! You just don’t!

Make sure you set up a business page for your business before you get out there and start sharing your product and Pin Boards. And while you’re at it, head over to my post How To Set Up Your Pinterest Business Account to get easy instructions and a free checklist!

If you’ve already set up your business account, then you’re ready to read about the ways Pinterest can help you for your business and start seeing results that coincide with your marketing strategy.

Want to set up your Pinterest business account? Get a free printable checklist and learn the steps to setting up a great Pinterest account for business.


Increase Traffic To A Certain Product Or Page 

Various case studies using Pinterest to drive attention to a specific page have been conducted throughout the years Pinterest has been around (which is only since 2010) to prove that Pinterest is a leading search engine online. Studies for product-based businesses have shown to improve up to 3x increase in traffic in a 3 month period! So let’s get started! Having just one pin isn’t gonna cut it, though. You will need to have an active account. A secret that’s not so secret is that Pinterest will favor Pinners who pin often, like every day, a few times a day. And since not everyone (especially a business owner) can find the time every day to add new pins on Pinterest, there are awesome

Having just one pin isn’t gonna cut it, though. You’ll need some boards relevant to your business, some pins inside those boards, and clearly legible descriptions with relevant keywords. You will also need to have an active account. A secret that’s not so secret is that Pinterest will favor pinners who pin often, like every day, a few times a day. And since not everyone (especially a business owner) can find the time every day to add new pins on Pinterest, there are awesome social-media schedulers. These social-media schedulers can save you hours every month while taking only an afternoon of your time to set up a timed system that will send out pins for the remainder of the month. I personally only use Tailwind and only recommend Tailwind because it’s the only scheduler that’s partnered with Pinterest and therefore Tailwind is approved by Pinterest. You can actually get a free month from Tarin La Roux Designs& Tailwind if you click right here!

Every month dedicate some time to schedule circulating your product on Tailwind App for a one- month time period. You want to make graphics in Canva that are vertical and have some text, but not too much. Need Canva help? Check out my post on how to use Canva for creating Pinterest graphics in particular.


Increase Sales With Buyable Pins

Are you using one of the BIGGER NAME platforms that include Shopify&BigCommerce? Great news, you can utilize the buyable pins feature from Pinterest to sell your product right on their platform! There are a few steps and FAQs lined out clearly from Pinterest. Since I’ve talked before about having your own website to sell your products, don’t go thinking you can have a Pinterest account and nothing else. Pinterest does have limits to what you can and can’t sell, including any items that are customizable are a no-go. So while you can definitely get an advantage having your items visible and ready for purchase right on this powerful search engine, you still need to have a website to sell everything else and to even apply for buyable pins!

More than 90% of Pinterest users consult Pinterest when looking to make a purchase. And not surprisingly, many are ready to buy. Using buyable pins allows the user to enter a query, find relevant results and available products for sale, and ultimately select one for a final purchase. Buyable Pins are free to use, they do not have any additional fees from your ecommerce platform.


Increase Your Email List

If you’ve realized the potential email marketing really has (like that it converts better than any other medium DUH), then you’re ready to grow your email list little by little and even one day by the masses. Pinterest is a fantastic way to grow your email list with a well-planned marketing strategy. Lead Magnets are required for this challenge. A Lead Magnet is a fancy way of saying “ethical bribe”. You offer something useful to your readers that addresses a problem they may be facing and you give it away for free. What’s the catch? The reader must provide their email address to receive your free goods (usually a digital product but there are many ways to use freebies. I’m working on an ebook right now!). Then you can add them to your loyal group of followers and increase sales in the future!


Whatever opt-in you choose, make sure that it is solving a problem for a specific targeted audience. If you sell makeup, make sure your opt-in freebie is related to beauty and that your pin specifies who would benefit from your freebie most.

1. You can offer a free printable cuz Pinterest geeks go crazy for a nice, useful printable.
2. Samples (Thrive had an excellent giveaway that I personally ran into on Pinterest and then signed up for their free trial)


Are you convinced to start using Pinterest for your product-based business yet? Give it a try! Don’t be shy! Like anything, it will take a few weeks to see results, but I bet they will be phenominal if you just get started!

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