Every Blogger Needs a Pinterest Manager

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Working with a Pinterest Manager can help you reach your target audience faster. Pinterest marketing tips for bloggers.

Omg! Your blog is growing like MAD!

And I bet you’re looking to keep growing. Reach for the stars, sister! No, literally, like can we blog from space? I’ll keep aiming for that height and maybe one day I’ll see someone get there.

How do you keep up the momentum you’ve built in growing your following and traffic?

Maybe you already use Pinterest to attract new readers to your site, or maybe you’ve been too scared to learn a new social media platform. Either way, there is so much to learn and keep up with on Pinterest that you can’t possibly have all the time to learn the best strategies for expanding your reach with Pinterest AND blog full time. This little Pinterest manager, yours truly, has put together a small series about using Pinterest for biz and you can get started with your free Pinterest Business Account Checklist right now!

Blogging for a full-time income means creating new posts frequently, creating email campaigns, creating new products, and keeping up with engagement from your readers. Social media is, of course, an incredibly effective tool for finding new readers. Bloggers and businesses alike can be found on across multiple social media platforms, from Facebook and Twitter to LinkedIn and Instagram.

Did you know that readers that find you on Pinterest are more likely to find you again? They repin and follow and can easily tap into your mailing list (if you make it easy).

Find out why every serious blogger needs a Pinterest manager to help market their Pinterest for business account. Get found on Pinterest.

Pinterest Virtual Assistants (VAs), Pinterest Account Managers, and Pinterest Strategists are specialized VAs who know how to help you reach your goals using Pinterest. We take the time to learn about your blog and develop strategies specifically to increase your traffic or sales. We use our existing knowledge of Pinterest to leverage the playing field based on the age and activity of your account to gain you maximum exposure.

Top 5 Reasons Your Blog Needs a Pinterest Pro to Grow

  1. Pinterest VAs can save you time AND make you money.
  2. Pinterest VAs are specialists who are knowledgeable in what they’re talking about. They understand Pinterest and keep up with the changes.
  3. Pinterest VAs typically are genius graphic designers who offer fresh looks for your blog posts that attract new readers.
  4. Pinterest VAs know about best practices for SEO on Pinterest and understand how hashtags can increase your visibility.
  5. Pinterest VAs care about your success!

Now you’re ready to go out into the great worldwide web and find you the most awesome Pinterest manager and tell them you’re ready to grow your blog to the infinites of space itself. If they come back at you confused, maybe you should never have left at all! Tarin La Roux Designs Studio offers exclusive packages in Pinterest management for every stage of your blog’s growth. Because you are growing, never stop growing, darling!



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What do you need to get started?

You don’t even need an active Pinterest account to consult with a Pinterest assistant. Chatting with a Pinterest consultant can help you clarify if you should convert your personal account or create a new account for business. And don’t even stress if you don’t have an account yet. When you’re ready to partner with a Pinterest manager, we can help you learn to utilize Pinterest for your business or take Pinterest completely of your hands.

You should already have a website that has a blog or a product to sell. Services, such a small coaching, branding, or marketing can also work on Pinterest if a solid blogging strategy is in place.

You should have a goal for using Pinterest for your business and know which numbers to focus on. Just as in any solid marketing strategy, you should be anting for your goals. Do you want to grow your email list exponentially? Are you just looking for brand awareness? Perhaps you’re running a special that you want to get as many eyes on as possible over a short or long time span. Do you want to increase traffic by finding your audience. Better yet having them find you?

Don’t worry if you don’t have a marketing strategy for your social media, you can consult with a Pinterest strategist to help you create a social media marketing strategy that focuses on Pinterest marketing. Plus, we break it all down for you; it’s not as complicated as it all sounds. Promise!

Having a handle on your business’s branding is critical for success on Pinterest for several reasons. Obviously the biggest is that Pinterest is for quick visual searches. Pinners like to see appealing designs that call them to action. Pinterest managers often include custom graphics with their packages. Additionally, you can find tons of templates for creating a consistent look on Creative Market. Another reason it’s important to brand your entire business and Pinterest business account is because, just like your business, Pinterest is about the long game. Sure you can score quick returns from Pinterest, especially if you’ve the budget to create promoted pins, but Pinterest proves to have a great return rate back to your website.

Ready to promote your business on Pinterest?

My business provides a totally free, no upsell at the end, laid back, answer all your questions approach to an initial consultation. If you’ve got questions about using Pinterest to grow your small or medium, heck, any size business, then set up an appointment to grab a coffee & chat Pinterest!


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