Free WordPress Themes for Small Businesses

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I get it, you're a new small business and you need a website. This way your target audience (the people you want to do business with) can find you and learn all about your business anytime, day or night. Your target audience can also find answers to commonly asked questions, connect with you via email or instant chat, or even make a purchase straight from your website. Want to know more about finding your target audience? Quickspot created a super awesome infographic for defining your target audience from top to bottom.

So you know you need a website. A website that won't disappoint and cause user frustration.

If you're at all tech-savvy, you've probably been researching DIY options for setting up your small business website. Which is cool! If you've gotten this far in the DIY process, my guess is that you found your way here because you've decided WordPress is the best option for a website (right on!) and now you know that you need a theme to make your website have some design. By the way, have you already decided on a self-hosting option? I use 1&1 and recommend it to my clients. I've had a great experience with them this far. If you are looking for a hosting company, you can get your first year with 1&1 for only $0.99 cents a month!

Well, what could be better than finding really awesome free options for a theme that will set you up on the right foot? I'm just being biased here, but working with a web designer to pick out a theme and customize it for you and set up the rest of your website would be even better than finding the perfect free theme. But again, really cool that you understand the workings of computers and the internet to be able to take on this task. Let's see how awesome the free options are for setting up a theme on WP.

Snag one of these 15 free themes for your next website design. Totally free and totally great WordPress Themes.

15 Free Themes for Small Businesses to Use With WordPress


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