Make Money on Pinterest With or Without A Website

**Affiliate disclosure** Some of the links in this post may result in a small commission to me if you choose to make a purchase. This won't cost you anything additional and I promise I only suggest products I personally think are top-notch.

This year I learned something about Pinterest I’d never heard before. I learned that you can use Pinterest to share affiliate links. And that meant that you don’t even need a website to make money through affiliate marketing. Guys, people are actually making money from pinning pins on Pinterest! Now tell me that doesn’t sound like a dream come true!

And, you can definitely use affiliate marketing if you do have a website, promoting right on your website, and then using your Pinterest business account to get even more exposure for your affiliate links. Genius!

How to make money Pinning affiliate links on Pinterest. No blog required. Get paid to pin on Pinterest.

What’s affiliate marketing?

Basically, you promote something for someone else and as a thank you for the free advertising and conversion into a sale, the seller will give you, their affiliate, a cut of the sale. This commission ranges from set price amounts to a percentages up to 50%. This will vary by the affiliate you partner with. There are a lot of affiliate networks out there that will grant you access to companies and products to apply with and partner with. I use ShopStyle Collective and ShareASale. You can also find affiliate programs through individuals like bloggers who offer paid products or through individual companies you’ve done business with. The best way to find an affiliate is to simply do a search for “Affiliate application for fill in the blank co.” Or by searching by the niche your business is in.

Have you ever purchased something so awesome that you wanted to tell all your friends and clients about? Well, a lot of times you can share your beloved purchase with others while also making some money from the company you purchased it from when other people take your advice and make the purchase as well! Check to see if they have an affiliate program.

Pinterest Affiliate Marketing, Seriously?

You might be interested or curious to know how I found out about affiliate marketing using Pinterest. I found a pin, of course. That pin led me over to which was a brand new website that laid down a lot of facts and tips on how to use Pinterest in just a few hours a day to create a substantial income. I love that Christina didn’t suggest to wait until you have so many followers or so many pins to start using affiliate marketing. She says to just get started pinning and the followers will come.

She suggests starting with one affiliate program so it’s easy to track your profit. I have seen lots of pinners in her new Facebook group about to cash out their first $100 after just a few weeks from an affiliate she recommends: ShopStyle Collective. ShopStyle Collective is a great starting place for those who have a website and those who don’t. It’s easily searchable, has products from a lot of different retailers in a lot of different categories, and even allows you to create affiliate links from Etsy. FROM ETSY! So anything from the handcrafted website you find and want to share, you can make a small commission off of! Is there anything you can’t find on Etsy?

Christina offers an awesome course to walk you through using affiliate marketing on Pinterest in just 5 days called 5 days to Profitable Affiliate Pinning. It’s a fantastic course and can help you get started making money super fast! Organize Your Biz also has a free course you might want to check out for Pinterest Affiliate Marketing 101.

So how can you use affiliate marketing on Pinterest for your business? Glad you asked, buddy. Affiliate marketing on Pinterest is way more fun than using affiliate marketing on your website. A lot of times you find that you have to write an entire blog post just to sum up a product or maybe a few products you think your readers would be interested in and then you have to share that post on all your social media. On Pinterest, you get to find products you want to promote and add them to your boards and group boards. The only writing you have to worry about is the description and that’s only up to 500 characters.

Since I am all about web design (and Pinterest, duh), I have affiliate pins for WordPress themes, fonts that are gorgeous, and even some home office decor since I love working from home. Your pins should be relevant to your business if you are using Pinterest for biz, but there is always a way to make that fun on Pinterest. Speaking of, did you get your Pinterest account set up for business? You can get a free checklist along with my steps to Pinterest success today! Even if you don’t have a website, you’ll want to set up a Pinterest business account because of the access to Pinterest analytics. And if you visit this page, the flow of money you earn would also be sorted out. This will help you understand which affiliate pins are getting the most attention and help you pin around what your audience wants.

Make money PLAYING on Pinterest. How to market pins to make a passive income on Pinterest.

How do you add pins with affiliate links?

There are a few ways. The easy way and the fun way. The easy way depends on the affiliate you are using, like ShopStyle Collected makes it easy to pin straight to Pinterest from their site. Try to find vertical images over square images and if you can’t find an image of your product that’s Pinterest appropriate, you can make a graphic. Making a graphic for Pinterest is the fun part. You can use a free design software tool like Canva or GIMP to make a unique vertical pin for your affiliate link.

If you’ve made your own image, you’ll need to upload it to Pinterest and attach the affiliate link to the Destination URL. The link is the ticket to getting a commission. If you include the direct URL instead of the URL you were provided with, the company will not track the sale or click back to you and you won’t be credited.

Make sure your pins include that they are affiliate links in the description, I usually hashtag mine as #affiliate at the end of the description. If you forget this step, you could be in some legal trouble. It’s a whole FTC thing. Additionally, make sure your pins are keyword-rich but aren’t just crammed full of keywords. Write naturally and experiment with hashtags. They’re new.

Lastly, you’ll want to track your progress with your chosen affiliate and keep track of when you can get a payout. Usually, you have to reach a certain amount in commission before the company will pay you and it will vary by company how they pay out (usually PayPal).

So what can you do today? Sign up for ShopStyle Collective. Like Christina, I recommend ShopStyle because they pay per click, no sale needed. Sales do increase your commision, though! Check them out and tell me you don’t love them! If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.


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