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Today I want to share with you, my readers, something exciting coming to the blog: A Pinterest series to help both newbies and advanced users get a leg up on their Pinterest marketing. Yep! I’m making sure to give you what you need to succeed in using Pinterest to grow.

In case you’re not sure about Pinterest, I’ll try to describe it in my own words. Pinterest is often called social media because you can connect with other users by following their profile or specific boards, or by commenting on pins, or by sending pins and messages to users you follow. I love all these aspects of Pinterest, but Pinterest is actually a visual search engine. Instead of going to Google and performing a search there, then clicking on images for that search, you are provided only images on Pinterest. All sorts of images. Infographics, how-tos, design inspiration, things you want, even awesome super short videos with recipes (I LOVE those!).

Just like Facebook Isn’t Enough For Your Business, Pinterest alone isn’t going to establish credibility for your brand. You still need a website!

Here’s The Deal

Each week, for two months, I’ll be posting rich articles on how to set up your Pinterest account for success and what to do next. The first 30 days will be geared towards new users of Pinterest and new bloggers and businesses in general. I’ll lay out all the benefits of having a Pinterest account and the best practices to grow your following there and on your site.

The next 30 days will be there to help you up your game now that you have a solid foundation. If you’ve been on there for a while, you may have heard of Tailwind and BoardBooster. Not only will I dissect each of those services, I’ll also be giving y’all an easy tutorial to start using them that day! There’s also creating a marketing strategy that fits your business needs, understanding Pinterest’s SEO, affiliate links in your pins, and tricks to increase your followers.

Who Will Benefit From Pinterest Marketing?

If you’re wondering if Pinterest marketing is something you should even bother with, the short answer is YES! Let me just make a bold statement and say that everyone who has a side hustle or a business (big or small) can benefit from using Pinterest to showcase their goods in one way or another or 4 different ways!

If you’re a blogger who wants more traffic, Pinterest can help deliver your target audience right to you.

If you’re an e-store with an awesome product or two, Pinterest can help you get exposure¬†and make sales right from Pinterest.

If you have a promotion going on and you want to get the word out, Pinterest can help!

Stay Tuned

Beginning next Sunday I’ll give you the 101 on Pinterest and delve deeper into Pinterest marketing. Prepare to learn all you can about Pinterest. We’ll make sure you are prepped for months to come, as growing a Pinterest following takes some time. Give it at least 3 months, even if you’re an established Pinterest user.

On the other hand, if you’d like someone to handle your Pinterest account, or help managing your pins, I have Pinterest management services and you can contact me here.

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