Why Responsive Web Design Is So Important

What is RWD (Responsive Web Design) All About Anyways? RWD is more than mobile-friendly website design.

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Responsive web design is evolving

Responsive web design is evolving to adapt to the evolving technology in our digital age. Just three years ago, the amount of web traffic coming from a mobile device was 50%. Half of all web-related browsing was coming from a tablet or a smartphone. A year later that rate was reported to be 60% from a mobile device. Last year the number grew to 65%. With technology on the rise and no signs of slowing, I think any logical, reasonable person would agree that the way we browse the internet will continue to become more mobile-friendly. We may even start calling the way websites are designed mobile-dependent. Responsive web design is so important because technology is constantly evolving and branching out in ways we weren’t sure were possible. Screens are constantly shifting sizes. Remember when we used to browse the internet on our mobile flip phones and even the small screen of the Blackberry when it was first out. Now phones are finding more and more clever ways to increase screen size without increasing the overall phone size. And new technologies are being released and crowd-funded, such as smart watches, Google Glass, other augmented reality, and tablets that can’t decide if they are just big smart phones or actual powerful tiny laptops. Layouts have to be designed to respond to future devices before they are even in the hands of the public and to adapt to the current technologies predominant in our society (think iPhone).

To illustrate, I’ve created a basic layout that is easily seen on every type of device:

You can see that the layout is still able to be read, it looks good, and it responds as it should across each type of device. Nothing is being compromised when switching the website from mobile view to desktop view or vice versa.


Did you know that more than half of all web searches and browsing are done on a mobile device? That’s a huge market to miss if someone does find your website, but they give up on trying to find out more about your product or service because it doesn’t work right with their tablet. So they hit the back button to find a competitor’s website that just works with their device.

More than half of all web searches and browsing are done on a mobile device. Is your website mobile friendly? #RWD #Googlemobilefriendlytest

A few reputable search engines have put together a handy tool that can test your website’s URL and determine if it is currently mobile-friendly. Google recently updated theirs to be the best test out there. Bing also has an easy to use test to determine if your website meets their mobile-friendly guidelines. Check them out to make sure your website is able to keep up with smart technology and the internet itself.

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      I prefer using a computer too, but I do use my tablet ALL the time! Responsive web design is engraved in a lot of diy websites nowadays, but old-school sites can suffer!!

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