How My Web Design Process Works

Web Designer Process with Clients infographic. How does the process of hiring a web designer work? Want to know the step by step process when working with a web designer?

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In case you were wondering just exactly how I break down the process to create a website that functions the way its meant to, I’ve created a pretty little infographic to so show my basic process.

how my design process works Tarin LaRoux Designs

Contact Me

When I receive initial contact from a client, I respond back quickly, usually in 1-3 days. I make sure to answer any questions that were asked and include any relevant links. This is one of my favorite parts because I get to meet new people and help them discover their true need for a website. Once I’ve got to know you and you’ve got to know me, I send you over an outlined invoice. This detailed invoice gives you options to meet your needs and your budget. I always try to match my services to my clients. I don’t want to try and just sell you something that wouldn’t benefit your business just to benefit mine. So, seriously, go ahead and contact me.

Design Phase 1

Once you customize your package, we sign a pretty boring, straightforward contract and move into the design phase. In the design phase, we must begin with some homework. I provide you with a couple of surveys to dig deeper to uncover more about your business and also about the requirements for your website. There is more fun as I include Pinterest as a part of discovering your desires for web design. The board is kept secret but shared between the two of us. This helps me greatly understand what kind of look you’re going for. Sometimes a business wants to go in a non-traditional direction and that’s awesome as long as we’re able to stay on the same page. I always like keeping my customers in the loop my providing y’all with lots of opportunity to see my plans and where we are in the process.

Design Phase 2

After uncovering your needs and wants, I draft up what your website would look like if it were a book. Meaning I pull out my sketch book and sketch a wireframe of what each page will roughly look like on a live site.  You get to review this and sign off on what you like and note anything you don’t like. Then I begin designing using my skills and experience to make your website come to life. This is probably the longest part of the process as it also requires time to perform tests to make sure all links are working properly, implementing appropriate plugins, fixing any unexpected errors, and ensuring responsive web design across devices like smartphones and tablets. You get to review this design once complete, but if all went well in the last review, there should be only small, quick, and easy tweaks. 

Turning Designs Into Websites

The way I deliver your web design depends on your preference. You always get the final say. I can help you with hosting and handle it all for you. I can add it to a host you already have. I can deliver web designs in a zipped file to be added by your techs. We tend to cover your preference during the initial stages when you have your homework and once again before delivery to make sure this is still your choice.


Starting a web design may seem both overwhelming and exciting at first with new acronyms, like SEO, WFH, and SSL, and learning the ropes, but when you allow an expert to step into coach your website into shape, everything seems streamlined, easy, and enjoyable. I have laid out my basic processes in two easy-to-follow infographics to let you know how simple the process of hiring a web designer should be.



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